- OEM Service -

1. Demand Analysis

Confirm the process and structure requirements, and customize the product size, color, packaging, LOGO printing, or design and produce according to CAD drawings.

2. Proofing

Confirm the production drawings, and the customer signs to confirm the production.

3. Confirm the signing of the contract

The contract will be confirmed after the details of cooperation and delivery date are confirmed

4. Order production

Our production base from Germany, Italy. the introduction of technology leader in high precision production line. Ensure products quality.

5. Finished product inspection

The quality inspection department will strictly control product quality and optimize non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free green products.

6. Mass production

International product R&D center. Overall control of the intelligent system. Ensure efficient production.

7. Delivery

Our average delivery time is 30 days. We have own export license. Ensure delivery on time.

8. After-sales tracking

We have a professional customer service center, to ensure the product installation is complete.

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