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Leisure sofa SU1C-3
Product Model

The public area, is the enterprise staff leisure place, is also an important place to negotiate customers, it is an important window to show the image of the enterprise, so in the basis of leisure comfort, public leisure sofa style diversification and enterprises in order to overall style collocation. The high-end environmental protection board and the powder spraying process of metal fittings combine, show the high-grade texture. In color choice, public leisure sofa with wood color, black and white and other classic colors mainly, can match the strong. Adopting the modular design concept, the public leisure sofa is no longer rigidly adhere to the fixed form, fully meets the requirements of various placing, greatly improves the space utilization rate, and creates a new form of the public leisure regional planning. Three layers of high-grade environmental protection integrated sponge, sofa sedentary, not tired, long use is not bad, soft touch, comfortable sitting position.

Product color:





Technical characteristics:
model SU1C-3
Product name Leisure sofa
specifications 1780W*720D*1060H
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