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Manufacturer Directly wholesale overhead office cubicle partitions office desk
Product ModelG-JPSG162

Desk type:desk, supervisor, staff desk, conference desk, executive desk, office desk,and so on.

Product color:

Technical characteristics:
model G-JPSG162
Product name office desk
specifications 1640*1200*750/1025
color Deep oak + iron ash
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  • Design Concept

    The Kepler series advertises quality of life and mature taste. Founder's geometric structure, deep oak and iron ash two atmospheres of steady color, coupled with the thick sheet of three-dimensional cutting process, giving a calm and generous style. Reasonable planning of storage and furnishings space, virtual and real, fully reflects the rigorous design, humanity, low-key luxury features, perfectly in line with the exclusive office space of high-end business leaders. The flexibility and diversity of the rubber sheet office group and working group create a modern and stylish office environment for business people.

    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitions


    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitionsk

    The E1 grade environmentally friendly melamine eco-board (E1 ≤ 1.5mg/L) meets the national mandatory safety requirements and will not cause harm to the human body within the acceptable safety range of the human body.

    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitions

    The product size has been carefully studied, and combined with the material specifications, the material utilization rate is maximized, no consumables are used, and the production and mass production requirements of open source and throttling are achieved.

    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitions

    It is made of German Schattdecor paper, professional four-color sleeve printing, clear three-dimensional, clear wood grain, UV resistant, durable and not easy to fade.

    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitions

    Acrylic desktop screen replaces the previous triamine board, cloth board and glass table screen, which is convenient for transportation and makes the office space more beautiful and comfortable,fade.


    Modern Office

    Type: desksupervisorstaff desk, conference table, executive desk

    office desk,overhead office cubicle,office cubicle partitions

     Typeoffice desk

     1. E1 grade MFC

     2.Class A veneer

     Dimension 1640*1200*750/1025
    Application office
     Delivery time  15 days
     Color  Dark oak + iron grey

    TAG:   office desk overhead office cubicle office cubicle partitions
  • Way of routing

    Flexible, safe and efficient


    Product display

    There are two main points to be placed on the desk: 1. Don't worry that the desk can't be directly opposite the door. 2. There must be a "backing" behind the desk. It is best to rely on the wall and other entities, but it is forbidden to rely on the fish tank. The five rows of fish tanks are water, and the water is a flowing object.


    Kepler's office desk is mainly made of dark oak and iron grey, with solid and heavy colors.Inheriting the essence of classic culture, using modern minimalist and capable design techniques A tribute to the culture to express a simple, atmospheric and unobtrusive personality.


    The Design Glamour Of The Office Space Is To Make The Most Ideal Scheme Under Various Kinds Of Restrictions Of The Original Space Should Emphasize Scientific Sense; Give Consideration To The Flexibility Of Art At The Same Time. These Screen System Works Hard To Expand The Limitless Personal Space Among The Limited Space.



    TAG:   office desk overhead office cubicle office cubicle partitions
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