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Product ModelG-GYXW24

Desk type:desk, supervisor, staff desk, conference desk, executive desk, office desk,and so on.

Product color:


Technical characteristics:
model G-GYXW24
Product name office desk
specifications 2400W*1200D*750H
color Ash
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  • Design Concept

    Modern office furniture design pays more and more attention to the pursuit of humanity. The concept of easy, convenient and efficient 

    has become the craze of design. 

    The design concept of Plato series is here. The shape is simple and novel, the design of the yellow letter “K” of the file cabinet makes 

    people's eyes shine brightly, and the storage function of the file cabinet is combined with the virtual and real combination of the file cabinet.

    It also echoes the brand connotation of Guojing “GOKING”.

    The whole series, simple yet without the atmosphere, is the essence of simple and clear, fresh and chic design, combining modernity and 

    practicality to bring people a perfect and comfortable office experience.


    office desk


    E1 Level Environmental Melamine, German Brand "Schattdecor" melamine finish, Stereoscopic, Clear grain,  anti-UV, Anti-fading,Waterproof &

    moisture proof, Scratchproof.

    office workstation desk


    Modern Office


     Type:office desk

     1. E1 grade MFC

     2.Class A veneer

     Dimension 2400W*1200D*750H
    Application office
     Delivery time  15 days
     Color   ash + hand scratch

    Product Highlights

    retro office desk

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    In terms of material composition, it is mainly divided into: steel desk, wooden desk, metal desk, steel-wood combined desk.

    From the type of use, it is mainly divided into: desk, supervisor, staff desk, conference desk, executive desk, office desk,and so on.

    From the point of view of use, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, library materials,

     training classrooms, teaching and research rooms, laboratories, staff quarters, etc.

    double sided office desk with drawers

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  • Product appearance and structure

    Modern minimalist office desk



    Remind everyone that the position of the desk should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sun exposure will fade the furniture paint film, metal parts

     will be easily oxidized and deteriorated, and the wood will be brittle. Summer is best to cover the sun with curtains to protect the furniture. Finally, it is to maintain 

    the indoor humidity, do not let the furniture get damp. In the spring and autumn, use the humidifier should limit the time to prevent damage to the furniture due 

    to excessive humidity, such as wood decay, metal parts corrosion, bonding parts easy to open the glue, etc.

    Way of routing

    Flexible, safe and efficient

    double sided office desk with drawers

    Humanized design

    The times are developing, we are innovating

    office desk l-shape

    Product display

    Take The Warm Sunshine Color As The Main Character. Among The 

    Vivacity And Charm, It Including A Sort Of Visional Feeling Brought 

    By The Collision Of The Modern And Romantics. Slim And Bright 

    Natural Color, And Design Element Of Modernism, Construct Working 

    Environment With Strong Designed Aroma, Arouse The Love To Work 

    And Life Embedding In The Deep Heart


    There are two main points to be placed on the desk: 1. Don't worry that the desk can't be directly opposite the door. 2. There must be a "backing" 

    behind the desk. It is best to rely on the wall and other entities, but it is forbidden to rely on the fish tank. The five rows of fish tanks are water, and

     the water is a flowing object.



    TAG:   ergonomic computer desk scrivania legno office desk
  • Melamine Series Plato

    Meeting Table

    office desk l-shape

    Who Said That Creativity Can Be Expressed Only In A Disorderly, Confused 

    Setting? Creativity Is A State Of Mind, First Of All, And Can Only Be Favoured 

    By An Informal, Yet Organized Environment.

    Work Areas For People Who Believe In New Concepts Such As Flexibility, 

    Custom Design, And Everyday Comfort. A System Of Multiple Work Stations 

    Conceived And Built To Basic Rules Of Design And Ergonomy.


    office desk l-shape

     Workstation& File Cabinet

    office desk l-shape


    In Modern Designs, People Pay More Attention On The Cockles Of The Heart 

    And The Color Plays An Important Role In Our Life. Simple Is The Theme 

    Of This Style Cabinet And She Just Uses The Single Line To Connect The 

    Whole Office. That Makes The People An Infinity Imagination Of Happiness.


    The Simple And Fashionable Style Is Full Of Wisdom And Thought, 

    Human-Oriented Design Offers Tremendous Comfortable Feeling, And 

    The Clear-Cut Lines Give A Sense Of Clarity And Being Meticulous, 

    Meeting Your Diverse Demand


    TAG:   ergonomic computer desk scrivania legno office desk
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