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wholesale overhead office cubicle partitions office workstation desk
Product ModelG-JGYG28A

office workstation cubicle is also called office workstation holder, office partition, partition card and so on. The office workstation is mostly used for open office areas and is the second plan for the established space that has been separated. It changes the original visual retraction while adding more information elements to the environmental connotation. The office workstation seat is in the office space, with a flexible and lively floor plan, separating small workstations of all kinds. It can effectively improve the utilization of unit space, but also create a comfortable working environment.

Product color:



Technical characteristics:
Specific Use Office
Material E1 Level Environmental Melamine
Dimension 2800W*1200D*750H(mm)
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  • Design Concept

    The light and shadow series is inspired by the black, white fashion, mystery, avant-garde and solemnity. It combines furniture, color and 

    space to create a dynamic, smart and humanized office space. This series adopts the combination of black and white. The black embossed

    effect is novel and mysterious. It contains wisdom and future in the simplicity; the white purity is zero, the wild color, the fashion sense and 

    the visual effect are fully expressed, suitable for the modern city. Office environment. The bright color and the modern design reflect the black

    and white philosophy of office life from the emotional world to the real life.


    E1 Level Environmental Melamine, German Brand "Schattdecor" melamine finish, Stereoscopic, Clear grain,  anti-UV, Anti-fading,Waterproof &

    moisture proof, Scratchproof.

    office workstation desk


    Modern Office

    office workstation desk

     Type:office workstation

     1. E1 grade MFC

     2.Class A veneer

     Dimension 2800W×1200D×750H
    Application office
     Delivery time  15 days
     Color  Walnut wood 

    With the continuous development of social economy, modern office space as a corporate command, the use of space has been increasingly 

    valued by people.

    The light and shadow series abandon the traditional, rigid, rigid, and cold form, fully reflecting the versatility pursued by modern office space.

    Designed with the theme of “office and leisure integration” to create a relaxed and comfortable office atmosphere. It can be used as both an 

    office area and a leisure area. It not only caters to the modern and unique office environment, but also freely transforms the space's leisure. It 

    can better add to the fun of the office environment according to personal preferences and tastes. .

     In order to alleviate the high-intensity work, provide moderate relief, relax and provide some help, and improve the efficiency of the office.



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    • Exquisite materials

      The product size is carefully studied, and combined with the material specifications, the material utilization rate is maximized, no consumables are available,

    • and the demand for mass production of open source and throttling is achieved.

    • furniture office workstation

    • Laser edge banding

      Simple and powerful style

    • furniture office workstation

    • Wire Management 

      A cable box is set on the desktop, and the table line extends through the cable box to the table.

      The desktop is equipped with a variety of routing methods for hardware feet, wire troughs, and wire troughs. The built-in socket panel makes it easy to manage

    • the line and work safely.

    •  office workstation desk

    • A cable box is set on the desktop, and the table line extends through the cable box to the table.

    • Under the desktop, hardware feet, cable troughs, and trunking lines are provided. The built-in socket panel can easily manage the line and work safely.

    • overhead office cubicle

    • Cable box

    • The cable box can not only be used for wiring, but also can be used as a storage for small objects, and can be used for office paper clips, pushpins, erasers, etc.

    • overhead office cubicle

    TAG:   office workstation desk overhead office cubicle office cubicle partitions
  • Flexible Combination Workstaion

    overhead office cubicle

    Workstation Combination with a Soft Sofa

    office cubicle partitions

    Leisure Area Aar Style

    office cubicle partitions

    Suitable for any place

    office cubicle partitions

    The color of the light and shadow is dominated by black embossed with matt white, with yellow accents, giving a feeling of relaxation,

    fashion and elegance. The black and white tones make the space atmosphere mysterious, avant-garde and solemn, following the pace 

    of the modern open office environment, designed to create office and leisure integration and enhance office enthusiasm.


    Series products: Bantai, mobile sub-cabinet, file cabinet, front desk, conference table, staff table, coffee table, activity cabinet, sofa, chair, negotiation table, 

    cactus screen, leisure table, bar counter, flower trough, shelf cabinet, low stool.


    TAG:   office workstation desk overhead office cubicle office cubicle partitions
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